Monster creation guidance without a monster burner

Our group will need statblocks for non-humanoid monsters eventually for our campaign. However, with no monster burner around, we don’t have many guidelines on creating non-humanoid NPCs, and there are very few examples available of these kinds of creatures available.

Of course, our DM could sit down and do this on his own, but it would be a lot easier if there was a collection of statblocks from other players available to use as reference (or just straight up copy from). Is there anything like this available, like a compendium of homebrew creatures? Where should I go to ask about creating a statblock for a specific creature?


Indeed, the ol’ Monster Burner would be perfect, but, to be honest, it’s not at all hard to stat up creatures on an ad hoc basis. I did find this small menagerie, though it’s for an older edition:

For specific monsters, go ahead and make a thread for each new one. I’ll gladly help!

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Do you have the Codex? Or is that the “very few” that you mean?

Anyway, if you have the Codex, you have part of what you need to make monsters from scratch in its Monstrous Trait and Skill list chapters, to fill out the core book’s lists.

What you’re missing then is “just” the methodology. The Monster Burner is well worth getting and reading for details, but its methodology can be summed up as: understand what each Exponent means; clearly articulate your monster concept in a brief few words; conservatively assign appropriate shade and numbers to support the concept; conservatively assign Traits and Skills, and shades and numbers to Skills, to support the concept; and then relentlessly cut shades, numbers, Traits, and Skills to the minimums that still faithfully represents the concept. Then get group approval, changing things as necessary to get approval.

Overall, concept rules all, “when in doubt, leave it out”, and doubt everything until it hurts to leave any more out.


I second the offer of help! Put it on Reddit too

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