Monster dice in a conflict

On page 125, in the section Difficulty Level, I read: Thus you could place them against a gang of eight kobolds rolling nine dice (Nature 2, plus one for each additional kobold). This implies that monsters in a conflict roll dice equal to Nature plus one per helper. I can’t find this in the rules.

On page 72, Skills and Abilities per Action, I read: If you do not have that ability, you can use Nature or Beginner’s Luck. I assume this gets the monsters rolling Nature, because they have no skills or abilities. But on the same page I read: Helpers can only help if they have the ability or skill listed for the current action. If they do not, they can use the I Am Wise rule (if appropriate) or sit out this action.

Q1: Why do monsters get to help, presumably with their Nature helping Nature? Is this a special monster rule left out of the book?

Q2: If a player character is rolling Nature on their action, can other players help with Nature, or are players only allowed to help with their Nature if they have an appropriate descriptor?

Does “Monsters Help Monsters” on p. 151 answer your first question?