Monsters for my Saturday night dungeon

First time creating monsters, and I’m really insecure about the rules. Does anybody see a clear error? The creatures are 3 monsters and 2 NPCs, one (Malfas) is Might 3 instead of 2.

Here’s the link to my google docs file (I’ll post it here, but is hard to give it format and I’m on a rush).

Please, any advice is welcome, I have to finish these before Saturday night!! :smiley:

Stay cool 8)

Looks okay to me, though I’ve never made a monster either. I guess if nobody offers any critiques you can assume it’s ll good :slight_smile:

They look fine to me.

I’m updating my monsters for tomorrow, and introduced the Mechanical Guardian, a weaker version of the Guardian Statue. A question came around: If I equip my monster with a common weapon (a halberd in this case), it adds it’s modifiers to all corresponding actions, right? Or I can take some of the modifiers and place them as I like (functioning like a custom monster weapon)?

I’m afraid my players feel cheated if I say that the monster has a weapon and it doesn’t work the same way that an equal weapon a character might have.

Also I changed Morgo, took Flee from his set dispositions (but left the weapons) and introduced Trick. Probably I’ll make some more changes before tomorrow.

Thank you guys for the replies! I feel as I might be starting to understand the game mechanics better :smiley:

Stay cool :cool:

I feel like a halberd is a halberd, it should work the same way for anyone wielding it. Now, it could be a special halberd with slightly different stats, or you could say the monster has some special technique (like level benefits), you are the GM after all.

I’m feeling like the weapon adds too many modifiers to conflict actions, maybe I’ll give it away as a cosmetic detail.

Stay cool :cool: