mood music

I like to include a little bit of background music with my games. Some electronic or industrial when I run cyberpunk. Some Midnight Syndicate and Blind Guardian for D&D. i am starting a mouse guard game for my group. it will be their first time playing. i hope that i can get them involved in and enjoying the world of Mouse Guard. I’m at a loss for what music i could use to enhance the mood. So far, the only thing I can think of is some generic celtic music, maybe some Enya, and something a little operatic such as Blackmore’s Night or Nightwish. Does anyone have some other suggestions on what music can set the mood for being a Guard?

Have a gander at AncientFM! It may be my Redwall fan speaking, but that’s the sort of music that can go really well as background setting.

Vivaldi’s Season are perfect to correlate to the excitement of the Natural world. I use pandora to choose what follows. Somereason when I picture our mice I hear melancholy violin playing in the forests. This song to me fits the territories perfectly

When I really need to get some inspiration for writing entries in the play-by-post(s) I use a few choice pieces:

  • The Champ by Wolfgang Gartner
  • Royksopp Forever by Royksopp
  • Maybe Sparrow by Neko Case
  • Knight of Wands by Au Revoir Simone
  • The Old Days by Dr. Dog
  • New Bones by So Many Dynamos

Those help me envision the scenes of action and intensity that I want to deliver.

thanks everyone. Those are some really cool suggestions. I’ve been looking into some Vivaldi, Dvorak and Shostakovich as well as some of the OST from games such as Fable, the Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age. (not to mention some of themes from Lord of the Rings. I’m finding a good mix.

Just be wary when using well-known music of any stripe (whether it’s a famous composition or the music from a popular game), because that can take players out of it. “Oh hey, Dragon Age!”

One other caution: hearing deficiencies.

Some people, like myself, have some damage that, while it doesn’t reduce the ability to hear, does make it harder or even impossible to understand people over even soft music.

Make certain your use won’t interfere with the ability to communicate effectively!


I’d like to start my responses in this forum with some music!

This for the forest journeys (Jew’s harp, munnharpe in Norwegian)

This sort of ancient traditional spanish music for an “enchanted” touch (Caballeros i gentleladies). This kind of music is called Folías.

This is some traditional music from Poland. At small volume it’s awesome when describing some sort of tragic tale in an old and crumbly inn. Sad it has lyrics.

Now some terror. This is what I use for Trail of Cthulhu, Eclipse Phase and other hard style horror games. Would suit the Darkheather.