Mordite Monday: Character Sheet Repo

Today, we’re kicking off the launch of our Character Sheet Repo with the sheets for Beren, our beloved and bloody dwarf. The Repo is a community resource where everyone can share their party builds or individual sheets.


Updates on Beren:

If you’ve been following our Iconics series, we’ve been playtesting and fine-tuning these parties for months. So far, we’ve talked about Karolina, Beren, and Varg.

In building out his sheets for levels 1 - 5, Beren had some slight tweaks along the way. Although he might seem like the most straight-forward character in the party, he possesses a good deal of subtlety and nuance.

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BTW, the plan is to have the 3 and 4-player builds done in time for GenCon.

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