Mordite Monday: Halfling Burglars, Gerald Sheets, The Grind PDF

Lots of Torchbearer news today.

We start with a bit about halfling burglars. We look at the iconic Gerald and talk about traits, wises, and secret natures.

Character Sheets
As a part of the character sheet repo, you can now download Gerald’s sheets levels 1 - 5.

The rest of the sheets will be coming after one final playtest Tuesday. The spellcasters are always more challenging to get the balance just right.

The Grind
Finally, if you missed our Kickstarter for The Grind, a PDF version is now available.

Grind on, stalwart adventurers,


Just wanted to say that The Grind is excellent, and really packed with interesting content. I backed a few zines on Kickstarter and this one definitely set the bar high.


Cool. Thanks from all of us.

Believe it or not, there is a lot more we literally could not fit into the book. Fear not, we’ll find a way to get it out into the wilds one way or another though.


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