Mordite Monday: 'Old School' New Schools

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Prisms contain TRUE POWER. Discuss!

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Why else would people call them “power crystals”?

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That is a wonderfully terrifying Necromancy spell! The drinking in of the severed souls to alleviate conditions is a nice touch.

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(Oliver) #7

This is great, like always!

Couple of questions.

Say an NPC Lich casts this spell in earshot of the party. How do you see the voting working? I assume the players can vote to test their Wills after any and all of the Lich’s minions in earshot? I also assume this spell has no effect on undead?

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(owen) #8

You are correct about the vote, although now that I think about it it should probably just always be minions first. Friendly fire is intended to be the limiting factor of this spell, and I presume players will always vote to put NPCs first, right?

You are absolutely right about undead, I will include a line to that effect. Thank you so much!

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(Oliver) #9

I Killing the minions first is great. It encourages the great villain to mow down their own minions before casting to maximise the Kill effect. Creepy and awesome foreshadowing of the terrible power they have to unleash.
“No Master, why…”
“Your death shall serve me more than your life ever did.”

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(owen) #10

Not to mention the necromancer’s incentive to employ undead. Vampires might work well, but they may also turn on you and maim your hand and/or eye…

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