Mordite Monday: Picking a Class and Advancing as a Team

In today’s Mordite Monday, we continue our Road to Redemption series. Let’s look at one way to approach team building by using a simple worksheet. Together, the GM and the group can try all sorts of tactics and strategies.

For the next part of this series, we will start to build out actual character sheets (levels 1-10) for the Iconic and Road to Redemption classes.

If you could please post your highest level characters below (or a link to your doc), that would be helpful. I’d like to compare how those match up.

We will be using Thor’s rules for creating characters at higher levels.


These rules work great for lower-level characters.

However, we have noticed a few things might need to be added. The problem occurs for higher (7-10) characters. They don’t seem to have the traits, wises, and items that one would expect (or require) for higher-level situations. If I understand the rules correctly, a 10th level character would have to sacrifice 5 Nature points to get all 4 wises and traits, but that is not possible since the characters lack that much starting Nature.

This could be solved if there were a third column for automatically gained traits, wises, and gear.

At 5th, 7th, and 9th level, the newly-created character could gain an additional wise, trait, and piece of gear.

So then a 10th Level character should have all four wises and traits and some good gear.

Also, at 5th Level and higher, a player could pick from the complete gear chart instead of the beginning equipment chart.

Other thoughts?

I think the idea is that you get all the benefits if you take your character from 1-10, versus some/most of the benefits if you skip ahead (“Loser’s way!” - Wez).

I guess I should use a modified version of those rules or perhaps something else for my purposes. You are right in that those rules create a quick character that is still pretty balanced in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

But I’m trying to create a repository of character sheets that reflect having done the work of earning those benefits so that you can fire up a 10th-level Karolina and play a 10th-level game at a Con or pickup game.

I don’t see why there should be a punitive slant to the level equivalent rules. If it was just for the Terrible Price, perhaps, but what about higher level pregens for cons, joiners, or people who lost their character sheets to a house fire?

I think what Jared was saying is that the intent of those rules is for someone choosing to start a fresh campaign or to jump into an existing campaign.

For someone joining a campaign, it works because those debuffs reflect some of the damage the character would have suffered. Karolina might tax her Nature down to 2 to get an extra Wise and Trait. With three traits and two wises, she would be behind the other characters, but that is still respectable. I’m okay with a poor Nat 2 Karolina because it would be easy enough to raise that Nature to 3 over a few sessions.

For conventions or for this Road to Redemption series, we need to come up with something else that is more indicative of a character sheet that “did the time.” Like I was suggesting, I think it has to be something like auto benefits at certain level thresholds.

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