Mordite Monday: The Benefits of Leveling Up

Today, let’s continue our Road to Redemption series and explore the level benefits for the Warrior and Adventurer classes. Also, we talk a little bit about a new repository of downloadable pre-gen sheets.


Love it! I was looking to artificially level up the iconic characters so that I could try Queen of Thieves or Condor Queen at conventions. So far I’ve run Skogenby loads and a few pieces of crap that I came up with myself.

I could level them up no problem but I’d be doing it entirely without “intention” without having had the experience of playing them.

I was confused about you saying Gerald was on the path to being team haggler because I thought that everyone had to haggle for themselves individually.

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I meant Gerald will be the primary haggler if they want to hedge their bets. Each person haggles individually and can get help from another Haggler, Persuader, or Manipulator.

In the course of the six adventures, Gerald advances haggler to a rating of 3, and haggles just once. He does manage to cash in a big item after adventure #3.

I will edit the article to clarify that a bit. Thanks

EDIT: Previously, I had haggler wrong.

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At my table we do one table roll per character.

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I thought Mordite press were all at the same table.

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We run lots of different games, but Owen, Ryan, and myself also GM regular games with different groups too.


Re: Haggling, I always thought the rule “make one Haggler test against the town” was about not haggling over every purchase. If you do one roll for the party vs the town, what happens if the result is 10. Does every party member gain +1D Resources for lifestyle tests?

Yup, I had it wrong.

I’ll clarify Gerald’s role in the article.

Thanks all!

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We are legion.

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