Mordite Monday: Twist First Traps

Today, we explore twist first and how to design traps with that in mind. Then, we dare to glimpse into the lair of the Lich King of Mordeth.


This is great!


In Twist Resolved Unfavourably does a health test to avoid injury advance the grind?

All tests (except magic and prayers) advance the grind.

I’d say the health test is a part of the same turn.

On page 60:

GM-Imposed Tests and Turns

There’s always an exception. If the GM inflicts an environmental-based test and multiple characters are required to test individually (e.g., you all have to pass an Ob 4 Health test because you’ve all inhaled a dose of sleeping gas), it only takes one turn. It’s like a conflict that way.

I read that rule as more about multiple characters taking the same test from a single trigger not advancing 1 turn per character, rather than linked cascading tests by the same character not advancing the grind at all beyond the first.

If failing a Dungeoneer test to disarm and passing the Health to avoid the arrow doesn’t tick the grind twice, why have the Dungeoneer test at all?


Yes @Agnelcow

Test 1: Detect or disarm the trap: failed.
Test 2: Trigger trap: all affected PCs make Health test. No matter how many roll, count as one turn.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ll update the article with a little note.


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