Mordite Monday: Worsening Conditions


Nicely done! I can see many actions where these follow. And those recoveries are hilariously good.

I suppose they sit outside the grind too, which is an interesting place for a condition.

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Yeah, I might do a followup that talks more about when to use them, but I thought it was pretty obvious for most of them.

Working them into the grind is tough, but I might let players take some of them instead of certain grind steps.

hungry and thirsty
exhausted (or blinded)
angry (or alienated)
sick (or delusional)
injured (or ashamed)
afraid (or deafened)

They’re almost certainly worse than the basic effects they’re stacked against, but they wouldn’t count for recovery order, so that’s nice.

I had thought it a kindness to keep these outside the grind. Because then, when you’re blinded by the bite of the fever fly, at least you don’t have to also worry about the grind moving one step closer to death.

But of course, if they’re outside the grind, then you can be afflicted by more conditions at once. So its probably also a mercy to make these part of the grind, so you’re only ever exhausted or blinded, never both.

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