More gear?!

Can’t… stop… making… stuff!

Once again, if you’ve thought anything up yourself, feel free to contribute!

Tent, Ob 3
If you receive the “Evil weather” Disaster result in the Camp Phase, you are not forced to break camp, so long as you have a tent. It’s an Ob 3 Survivalist test to set up the tent before the storm rolls in, requiring the testing player to spend a check to make the roll. On a success, all characters benefit from the tent and can continue with the Camp Phase. On a failure, the Camp Phase ends.
A tent holds up to five characters nicely. If six or more characters have to fit in, things get uncomfortable—all occupants may only spend a single check this Camp Phase (the player who built the tent may not utilize any more). Comes with its own iron stakes, so don’t worry 'bout that.
pack 4
(I suggest making the “Evil weather” disaster result on a 1-2 in the Disaster Phase to make this actually relevant. The Disaster results are just color anyways since they all have the same mechanical effect, 'cept for when monsters attack.)

War Game, Ob 2
This strategic board game tasks two opposing armies against each other as they each try to blow the other off the field. A character may spend a check during the Camp Phase to play this game with another character. The two playing characters test Commander vs. Commander. Players can bet treasure or cash on the game, but they must give the other player what they bet if they lose. (Metagame condition!) The winning player may inflict the Angry condition upon the losing character after it’s over, if he desires.
If the game has particularly high stakes, use the Battle conflict rules (when they exist :smiley: ).
pack 2
Can only be bought in the Bustling Metropolis (or your equivalent).

Whetstone, Ob 1
During the Camp Phase, if you spend a check, you may spend about fifteen minutes sharpening your blade. +1s to the first Attack or Feint you make with this weapon after the Camp Phase. Only applicable to edged weapons.
pack 1

Pulley, Ob 1
+1D to Laborer tests for lifting heavy things, so long as it’s paired with a Rope.
pack 1

Waterproofing, +1 Ob
This attribute may be applied to a newly-bought backpack, pouch, sack, satchel or lantern. The contents of bags will not get wet and a lantern will not go out if dropped in water, unless two turns (or a Camp Phase) pass before retrieving the waterproofed object.
Can only be bought in a certain area—Wizard’s Tower, or your equivalent, for example.

Spyglass, Ob 4
Reduces any distance factors by one for any skill tests made for inspecting far-away things.
pack 2
Can only be bought at the Wizard’s Tower or Bustling Metropolis.

Ear Trumpet, Ob 3
By pressing this specially-designed sound-magnifier into your ear, you can pick up on things you otherwise might not have. +1D to Scout tests made when listening at doors, trying to make out what’s going on in the adjacent room (or other similar applications).
pack 1
Can only be bought at the Wizard’s Tower (or your equivalent).

Black Book, Ob 4
This slim, slick book lavishly details major “underground” players in the city. The obfuscating jargon takes a little getting used to, but isn’t too hard to get the hang of. +1D to any Circles test if the person in question qualifies as “someone outside of the life” under Circles factors and is relatively (or very) seedy. Roll a d6 for every use. On a 1, the book’s information is now outdated and useless.
pack 1
Can only be bought in the Bustling Metropolis (or your equivalent).

Book of Offices and Titles, Ob 4
This lengthy, thick, dog-eared tome lists out in excruciating lengthy detail the who’s who of this city. +1D to any Circles test if the person qualifies as “someone in a position of power” under Circles factors. Roll a d6 every use after the second. On a 1, the book’s information is now outdated and useless.
pack 3
Can only be bought in the Bustling Metropolis (or your equivalent).

Experimental rules idea, don’t shoot me.
Every eighth turn of an Adventuring Phase, all characters are given the Dirty & Smelly condition, in addition to any other condition given that turn. The GM can also make you Dirty & Smelly as a test failure Condition. Dirty & Smelly is not a part of The Grind, and therefore doesn’t bring you closer to death, but reduces all social skills and Circles by 1D. (Could also count as a factor for recovering from Sick. That might be brutal, though.) Additionally, you may not leave the Town Phase with the Fresh condition if you are still Dirty & Smelly. Sleeping in a Flophouse, Inn or Hotel during the Town Phase allows you to remove Dirty & Smelly without a test. Stables and Streets do not (and the condition carries over to the next Adventuring Phase). So how do you get rid of Dirty out in the wild, or if you’re poor? Look below!

Soap, Ob 1
During the Camp Phase, if you have secured a water source for your camp (see the Survivalist factors) or if you have water from a container you’ve brought with you, you may spend a check to bathe yourself. Strike off one draught of water you carry or go jump in the water and use your Soap. You can then remove the Dirty & Smelly condition (no test required). Roll a d6 for every use after the first: on a 1 or 2, you still remove Dirty & Smelly, but now your Soap is all used up.
pack 1
You would wanna modify the GM sheet to have a Dirty & Smelly reminder at Adventuring Phase turns 8, 16, 24, etc. That would make it easier to track.

Caltrops, Ob 1
+1s to Feint in Chases and Fights. Takes a Scavenging test at Ob 2 to gather them all again after use (to compensate for their low cost/small pack size vs their benefit).
hand/carried 1, pack 2

10’ Ladder, Ob 2
A ladder reduces the final obstacle of any Dungeoneer test by 2 (minimum 1) involving climbing if it fully clears the obstacle (big rock, cliff, whatever). If it does not reach entirely, it reduces the final obstacle by 1, if it can be propped against the feature (overhangs are a no-no). If the ladder is placed horizontally (over, say, a chasm), the obstacle for crawling/walking across is not reduced. The ladder just allows you to make the Health test for moving across. It’s not possible to bring a ladder through winding or tight confines. You must leave it behind and retrieve it later. Carrying a ladder counts as a factor for exhaustion.
carried 2

Bridge, Ob 2
This portable rope and wood-slatted bridge unrolls to a length of 30’. Requires four iron spikes to secure it. Setting up a bridge allows you to cross it (as per the normal Health factors). Carrying a bridge counts as a factor for exhaustion.
carried 2 or torso 2

One thing I don’t get is why moving up a dangerous vertical feature is a test for Dungeoneering, yet moving across a dangerous horizontal feature is a Health test. But, alas.

Tindersticks (x6), Ob 2
Sort of a cross between firework sparklers and a match.
These sticks are covered in a curious alchemical substrate that allow them to light when struck across a rough surface. They explode into a cascading shower of sparks. Tindersticks are waterproof, and can be lit even after having been submerged (provided they’re wiped off). Tindersticks also function somewhat like a tinderbox—they allow you to light a fire without making a test under normal conditions, yet they don’t provide any sort of bonus under bad conditions.
Tindersticks provide dim light for a single person for one turn.
pack 1 or carried 1

Banner, Ob 2
This rectangular banner has your adventuring party’s name and sign on it (if you don’t have one, think up a good one!), plus an inspirational phrase on it from each of the characters. “For Elsa” or “Stand up and fight, dammit!” are good ones. As long as the party isn’t separated and all members are close enough to be able to see the banner (not necessarily read it), and it’s held/worn by someone, it provides +1 disposition any single fight or chase conflict in an Adventuring Phase. Having multiple banners does not provide multiple bonuses. Carrying a banner counts as a factor for exhaustion.
carried 2 or torso 2

Bedroll, Ob 1
+1D to recover from afraid. +1D to recover from exhausted conditions received due to weather or cold during the Camp Phase. If it gets wet, it can’t provide any benefit for the rest of the Adventuring Phase.
pack 4 or torso 1

Earplugs, Ob 1
+1D to Defend against sound-based Attacks or Feints.
pack 1

Small boat, Ob 2
Carrying a boat counts as a factor for recovery from exhaustion. Can fit a single person.
carried 2 or torso 3

Boat, Ob 3
Carrying a boat counts as a factor for recovery from exhaustion. Can fit two people.
carried 4

Large boat, Ob 4
Carrying a boat counts as a factor for recovery from exhaustion. Can fit a party of adventurers.
carried 10

If you want some more arrow/bolt depth…

Quivers have a number of slots for “complements” (or bundles) of arrows/bolts. You must have a complement left over in order to fire your bow or crossbow. Immediately after each conflict in which you help, Attack or Feint with your bow, roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, the complement is lost. On a success, you don’t have to strike off one complement of arrows. You conserve your ammo or are able to recover ammunition from the field afterward. On a failure, strike off the complement of arrows/bolts you were using. You’ve expended them all and the ones in the corpses of enemies are too broken and splintered to make use of anymore.

Small quiver, Ob 1
A small quiver holds one complement of arrows or bolts, or a pack 1 item. Small quivers can’t hold your bow or your crossbow.

Quiver, Ob 2
A quiver holds two complements of arrows or bolts or pack 2 worth of stuff. Quivers can also hold your bow (taking up the whole quiver), but not your crossbow.

Large quiver, Ob 2
A large quiver holds three complements of arrows or bolts or pack 3 worth of stuff. Large quivers can also hold your bow (taking up pack 2), but not your crossbow. If filled more than half-way (pack 2), counts as a factor for fatigue.

Blunt arrows/bolts, Ob 2
The firing bow/crossbow bypasses chainmail, but no longer bypasses leather.

Speartipped (Bodkin) arrows/bolts, Ob 2
Uhh… dunno.

Grappling arrow/bolt, Ob 3
As a grappling hook.

Hunting arrows/bolts, Ob 1
The standard arrow/bolt, buying these lets you use your bow/crossbow’s regular weapon stats.

Flaming arrows/bolts, Ob 2
These pitch-soaked arrows are awkward to handle, but can be lit on fire with an appropriate light source. Reduces your maneuver bonus from your bow from +2D to +1D and for the crossbow from +1D to —. +1s to your Attacks in Drive Off conflicts if lit. Can also obviously be used to set far-off things alight.

Swallowtail arrows/bolts, Ob 2
These arrows have giant, menacing-looking heads that slice through enemies like butter. A little difficult to fire with the added weight, though. Reduces your maneuver bonus from your bow from +2D to +1D and for the crossbow from +1D to —. +1s to your Attacks in Kill conflicts. (For the crossbow, this stacks on top of the bonuses to Attack it already has!)

Whistling arrows/bolts, Ob 2
These arrows have a hollow head that cause them to scream loudly as they’re shot through the air. +1s to Feint in chases.

Mykelsss, I keep trying to give you rep, and it keeps telling me I need to wait. Another great post.

I might suggest that the spyglass doesn’t give +1D, but instead reduces distance factors by 1 for observing things (for any skill). Or it simply makes it possible to make tests based on observations from a distance. So you can hand it to the Stonemason to study the fortification without leaving the treeline, for example.

The ear trumpet is Pack 1, I guess? Or it’s just folded into your imaginary scout tools?

Sorry, I meant to reply much sooner, but then I lost internet for several weeks. I agree with that spyglass business.

Yeah, ear trumpet should be pack 1.

But anyway, I’ve updated the original post with more items & stuff.

Hope this doesn’t count as a necro (it’s on the first page, I swear!)

If I may be so bold…

Keg o’ Nog
A stout keg of dwarvish nog! A full keg carries 4 mugfuls of this potent beverage. When drunk in camp, it provides +1D to a test to recover from Angry, Afraid, or Exhausted, but it leaves non-dwarves hung over and extremely thirsty - characters begin the next adventure phase Hungry & Thirsty. Lightweights, be warned!
Resources: Ob 3, Dwarven Halls only
Pack 4


You may! In fact that was something I needed, since I was making cultural items for dwarves & elves to choose from during character creation (a “choose one to bring with you” sort of deal). Ideas basically plucked from BWG’s character creation sections.

Hmm, Pack 3 seems awfully small for 12 draughts of beverage… considering a jug of wine would be pack 3 and only holds three draughts of wine. Then again this doesn’t cure thirst, right? I guess if you describe it more as a shotglass than a mugful, then Pack 3 might be appropriate.

I’m also not sure how I’d feel about the hangover condition. Maybe it makes you hungry and thirsty? Afterall, many hangover symptoms are a result of dehydration. The other option I can think of is exhaustion, though using it to cure exhaustion wouldn’t help much then :slight_smile: Though I don’t recall drinking being a good cure for being tired anyway (except for maybe keeping you awake in a bit of a stupor while you are still drinking, but that hardly sounds like removing the exhausted condition to me). Maybe an espresso machine would give you +1D to recover from exhaustion :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

I pulled 12 draughts from Burning Wheel Gold/Revised. Maybe it’s more appropriate to reduce it here. And I guess it probably ought to cure Hungry & Thirsty, but the thought never occurred to me that anyone would waste nog simply to recover H&T! :slight_smile: As far as pack size, I figure it’s a pony keg.

Given the length of time my players have been stuck with Exhausted, having a hangover factor for a couple of turns seems like a huge break. But maybe that’s not a common experience, and making characters Hungry & Thirsty is the better option. It’s definitely the simpler option. So, let’s say we make it pack 4, drop the draughts to 4 (enough for a party of adventurers per keg!), and change the drawback to “it makes you Hungry & Thirsty when you leave the camp phase you drank it in (if you’re a non-dwarf).”

(And an espresso machine would simply let you ignore the Exhausted condition for a test or two. :p)