More intuitive PTGS Character sheet corner

I’ve was reviewing the character sheet and trying to figure out if there was a more intuitive way to handle the injury section.

I made a rules light game called Mannerism which was heavily inspired by Burning Wheel so I had to think heavily about how to best represent the information and make it practical in play. So this is me coming full circle. Does this work and have I made it accurate?

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The -1D on the Superficial initial penalty section is a little misleading. The third Sup converts those three wounds into a single Light wound, so replacing the “-1D” with “Li” seems like it would work better?

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Ah, I took for granted that that was how it worked!

If I change that I might even be able to get some space back horizontally.

I’ve put the Excel based character sheet up on because google drive was translating it into sheets and back making it look weird. This one I can download the file and open it and it looks about right.

Please let me know if there’s anything wrong with it.

I’m thinking to run a new long term Burning Wheel game from the end of January with my old Torchbearer group and want it as intuitive as possible.


i cant understand the sheet, without more info. Probably will work great in your group with you explaining it all. So good you made it. But playing 2 games now, and handed this sheet, would be lost. Good looking paper though. Have fun.

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