More magic items!?

I found the magic item list to contain a bit too much +1D’s and not enough weird shit, so here’s some new ones to supplement the list and balance it out.

If you think up anything to contribute, please do so!

Cloak of Useful Things
This tattered brown cloak is covered in numerous small patches, each one bearing an sewn-on picture: a small paddleboat, a rope, two torches, a ration and a 10’ pole. The wearer just needs to tear off the patch he desires and the item soon (inconspicuously) appears nearby. After all the patches are ripped off, the cloak is magically useless, but still looks cool.
pack 2/worn 1

Liberator’s Drum
When you pound on this black drum all creatures that can hear the thumping immediately escape any and all of their physical/magical bondage. Their bonds shatter and they are free. After one use, the skin of the drum shrivels and it becomes useless.
pack 2

Lucky Band
A dulled bronze ring that feels warm to the touch. When wearing the Lucky Ring on a finger and you gain a condition (excluding Dead), you may instantly heal it. The ring then turns a fiery hot white (which doesn’t hurt the user) and then shatters into 2D of bronze coins (so, pack 2 and pack 2), which scatter everywhere and take a turn to pick up (if relevant to the Phase).

Dessicated Head
This repulsive, rotting human head (long deceased) is permanently fixated with a wicked grin. Though it has no lower jaw, three tongues lash about wildly from its throat, each tongue distinctly different. The GM chooses three species, one for each tongue: Orc, Giant and Elf, for example.

Removing a tongue and placing it in your own mouth causes the tongue to attach to the back of your throat. For a Phase, you speak with two tongues and can speak with members of your own species and the foreign tongue’s species. After the Phase is over, the extra tongue detaches and forces itself down your throat into your stomach. There it remains until it is fully digested over seven years. You become Sick (which can be restored as normal).

If left in a pack with other items, the head will eat anything it can to sate its voracious appetite. The next time the character searches through a sack, satchel or backpack in which the head was placed, he finds, to his horror, that anything of size pack 1 or pack 2 are mysteriously gone. The solution is simply to keep the head held in hand or in a backpack/satchel/sack that’s empty or contains no pack 2 or 1 items.
The head itself is pack 2 (but obviously does not eat itself).

Grey Matter
This small jar contains a disgusting-smelling greyish paste, churned from the harvested milk of a whole hive of glutflies and combined with alchemical bases. Every adventure, the jar spontaneously refills with two portions of lumpy, stringy, greyish mush that can be eaten to satiate Hunger. However, roll a 1d6 when doing so: On a 1 or 2, you get Sick.
pack 1

Porcelain Boar
This porcelain boar figurine appears to be the work of an absolute master of craft. It has real apparent value for this reason alone, and can be sold for 2D-7D. If you shatter it, a tender, aromatic, roasted hog large enough to feed the party appears from the dust of its wreckage, already cut and plated. It has enough meat for six portions. Its meat cannot be preserved or stored—after the Phase, any portion that hasn’t been eaten turns to a fine black soot.
pack 1

Guess where these came from…

Distortion Dust
Magician/Ranger Only
When a small handful of this sack of dust is thrown before casting a spell, the user gains a free factor or may lower the obstacle of a spell by 1 (minimum 1). Unlimited “doses” may be thrown to supplement a spell, but after the first dose, roll a 1d6 for each dose expended thereafter. On a 1, the dust is all used up, gone forever.
pack 1

Dropping Ring
While worn on a finger, this bright copper ring produces a replica of itself (worth 1d2) every Town Phase. If ever you take two consecutive Town Phases in a row without going on an adventure, the Dropping Ring produces one last ring for you, and then disappears.

I love it. Especially the desiccated head that eats your rations when you leave it in your backpack. Genius.

Considering that nearly every magic item is unique, this is how these things ought to be.

That head… ooh. That is a great magic item. Can I steal it for my D&D campaign?

Steal away!