More Ob 1 and 2 ideas for situational steel

Hi all,

The players in my game have been struggling to advance their PCs’ very low Steel exponents. Part of the problem is that there aren’t many things listed under Ob 1 and 2 on page 364.

Is there an extended list anywhere?

(I’m thinking that DoWs and other conflicts with potentially-threatening opponents would fit in this - Ob1 for conflict with a more powerful figure, Ob2 for an argument or DoW where losing could cost you a lot)


There used to be Steel Advantage dice, like being among friends, etc.

uational test to advance.

I’m not sure what happened to Guy’s post - perhaps it hesitated for the first few words - but just to be clear: we’re talking about “situational” advancement of Steel as described on page 364-5 of BWG; characters logging tests for Steel based on situations they’ve been in where no Steel test was required.

I was saying that specifically we have B4 Steel and hesitations of 6 and 7.

The challenging ones we’ve got easily. As such the difficult ones don’t matter.

The routine tests come purely from situational tests from the book listed at ratings 1 or 2. So far I think I’ve got 2 out the 4 needed in 3 sessions.

After I advance to B5 then the routine tests won’t count count for advancement. I will still easily get challenging tests. Also if I can lobby for advantage I can get difficult tests from some rolls. I think that Steel will be easier to advance from B5 to B6 than it will from B4 to B5.

Also the situational tests might come up more regularly when we focus on getting difficult rather than routine.

I recently advanced my Steel to B10. It’s taken a while, but it’s worth it!

And we still hesitate when confronting the divine!

Does anyone have any views on my non-violent confrontation examples for Ob 1 and 2 situational “tests”?

It does say they’re possible situations, not that they’re a complete list. I think that if they’re coming under pressure, they should be able to mark Ob1/Ob2 tests no problem.

Or they could just go watch each other beat people up.

[QUOTE=wombleton;127393Or they could just go watch each other beat people up.[/QUOTE]

The first rule about Steel Club…

“Perform a public performance/speech in front of people”
“Go talk to the girl you like.”
“Spar with the big guy”

You could argue that a lot of martial training involves Steel practice at least on basic levels - whether that’s learning to take hits and be ok with it in sparring, up to the more extreme stuff like making jumps over live blades or pouring pepper sauce in your eyes and learning to not blink despite the pain. (funny enough, when you look at some of the ascetic practices, you see the same thing…)



Yeah! I think that you’re looking at good stuff here. Remember that the steel questions include one for being raised in a competitive, but non-violent culture. Taking part in the grand chess tournament, and not losing your cool, is probably worth an Ob 1 or 2 steel test. Arguing in a trial where somebody’s punishment is on the line is probably worth a Steel test. Hearing violent prisoners’ confessions and giving them absolution (as a priest) is probably worth a Steel test. Dealing successfully with the fairly hostile, or just plain mean, King or Chieftain or Guildmaster is probably worth an Ob 1 or 2 steel test.

Getting a letter in the mail featuring the letterhead of the IRS/Tax Department, Ob2.

As it was said earlier I think that the best thing here is to let the players plead the case for the steel tests. it is something that makes the game more interesting and when they are proposing stuff like this you can simply alter the direction that you were going to go. after all if approaching the head of a crime family to help get a loan and they see you hesitate because of fear they know that they can exploit that fear and use it against you. At least I would use it against my players.