More Roll20 games lfp?

Seems I managed to miss the last one posted here by a few weeks.

What with the world being shut in, might there be another either starting soon or looking for new players?

I’m looking too. I’ve only ever played an EP0 with a GM that ghosted us, though.

I played around with the R20 functionality this week. It takes a minute to get used to, but overall it’s very robust!

Yeah I liked how it worked when we did Ep0.

I’d be willing to try to GM, but I have no experience. Of course I’d want more than just the two of us, Prof

Well I’m happy to work with a new GM. I’m a pretty cooperative player :slight_smile: Maybe we can scare up a few more here… we should post an LFP. id be happy to do it if you like.

I have a character pre-burned from the setup for an earlier game that fizzled before launch or I could work on a new one with you.

I’m game. Again. Still.

(deleted) .

Made a bare bones role20 so far. I’m keeping it agnostic until we decide what we’re doing.
Have a discord up too but I’m thoroughly confused trying to send a PM on this forum.

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