More Songs of Spite

Got to thinking about elves from the perspective of Bulgarian, Cornish and Welsh fairytales, and came up with a couple new songs to dicker with…

An alluring chanty that seems to beckon and promise a thousand golden prospects. At its most basic level, this song functions as a magical version of the Seduction skill. However, so long as the singer is partially immersed in a natural spring, stream, lake or sea, this song takes on a new power - failing the Steel test for wonderment triggered by this song bestows the Possessed (by Eros!) trait upon a single listener who the Siren has locked eyes with. The belief that is granted by possession must be concerning the Siren, and be romantic in nature.
Obstacles: Will of the Listener

The lilting notes in this rhyme render one’s eyelids heavy and thoughts foggy. This song is sung to remove specific memories from the listener’s mind, erasing all traces and context of one single subject or topic that the singer chooses.

Failing the steel test against wonderment triggered by this song will also put the listener to sleep.

To remove memories of the current or preceding scenes ; Ob = Target’s Will.
+1 Ob; siphoning memories of events that transpired this session.
+2 Ob; filtering memories of events made during the course of this adventure.
+3 Ob; purging ALL memories of the chosen subject from the victim’s mind.


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