More Superior Quality Weapon stats?

When looking at the Weapons Appendix in BWG, there are far fewer Superior Quality Weapon types than RotM Quality and most of them require two hands. I was wondering if there is an expanded appendix that includes things like a superior quality one handed mace, or axe? Or if people had advice in coming up with stats for such weapons?

Any change in Power, Add, Length, or Weapon Speed could change a RoM weapon into a Superior Weapon (all of which were covered in the Enchanting chapter of the Magic Burner) and any character attempting to create a Superior Quality weapon receives a +2Ob to create it (while failing the obstacle creates an Inferior Quality weapon)
as listed in the Weapon Smith skill in BWG.

If you just wanted to add an available SQ weapon that’s not on the list, compare it to its closest RoM equivalent and tweak it along the same lines as the other ones on the list.

There may be a wiki list in this, but I’m not sure.

Hi All,

When I put together my Dwarven Sweet Light Axe, I compared the Footmans Axe to the Sweet Axe and added the difference, +1 to WS and VA, to the Light Axe.

This gives the Sweet Light Axe Stats of Pow 3, Add 2, WS 3, VA 2, Long, One Handed.