Motif and Character-Building

I see in the rules that the first step in character-building (before rolling for class, political affiliation, etc.) is to choose a Motif. Indeed, looking through the rest of character-building, it seems like it would be difficult to come up with a coherent group without choosing a motif before choosing lifepaths.

But it seems equally as difficult to me to choose a motif without having any idea what the character’s backgrounds might be: a party with mixed Royalists and Frondeurs would hardly be united in a desire to bring power to the citizens of France. Likewise, a party of mixed nobles and tradesmen’s sons would come together for very different reasons than a group where all of them are from lower-class backgrounds.

Has anyone run into problems with this- creating a Motif and then rolling characters that didn’t work with that Motif? I was considering suggesting to my group that we roll Birth and Wealth and Mentalities at least (and perhaps Governing Abilities), and then choose a Motif, then Lifepaths.

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Trust, fam. Trust.

  1. It’s hard for a reason — overcoming our political and religious differences is hard.
  2. You’re probably thinking too practically for a motif. Think higher concept stuff.
  3. Don’t go with your instinct to fudge it. You’re avoiding something good.
  4. The events in society at the time didn’t afford neat divisions of political or religious leanings in class, friend or family groups.
  5. If Aramis, Porthos, Athos and d’Artagnan can overcome their differences, your group can do it too.