Mounts and New players

I am a new player looking forward to my first game of BWG. I am in the process of finalizing my character for an up and coming game. I went Man: noble born-page-squire-religious devotee. So I now invested my points in mounted training and shield training.

My question would be can you actively have a weapon in one hand, shield the other and still preform mounted combat effectively?

What do I have to do to make my mount? Is it pre built or do I have to burn one. Ie it’s just a warhorse. If not I didn’t see the stats of one.

In Fight! Does the mount get its own actions? Can it strike on its own?

  1. Yes, certainly
  2. You can burn a mount via the mount burner; or there should be stats in the back of BWG.
  3. Generally, you act together, using the mount’s stats for stride/speed and the like and using your characters stats for striking and the like. The main advantage to a mount is for positioning, speed, and for use of lances, sabers, or other weapons specifically suited to be used on horseback.

Yes the mount burner was very helpful, I didn’t see any stats in the bwg book. There was a chapter on mounted combat and riding. It talks about horse skills and traits, describing them with no life paths or anything else.

I had a few questions on that, under the hoof section idk what those letters mean I/s/ect.

I assume those stats boil down to dmg, tohit, ect. Can you help translate?

For horse stats I had a 4 agi 8 speed 6 power 6 fort (I mostly used the horse they listed and changed the stats around a bit)

The mannish resources section has stats for warhorses and riding horses (p. 203).

I sadly have no idea what the Hoof section is, and it is not in the ToC.

Did you mean IMS (Incidental Mark Superb)? Because if so you need to read the fight chapter (IIRC) to understand. IMS are the levels of damage that can be dealt with a weapon (in this case probobly the horse’s hoof) and represent how well you struck. You need to spend attack success in fight to increase the damage between these levels.

Those horse stats are better than any horse either in BWG or in the Mount Burner. I would not allow that kind of monster horse.

The Mount Burner is from the original edition of BW and some of it won’t quite match up with BWG. At least for a beginner I’d stick with the riding horse and war horse in the Mannish resources section of the character burner and the Elven Steed under Elven resources.

That is exactly what we decided to do. Once I saw the stats in the book I went with them… Haven’t been back to this forum for days.