Hello everybody,

I’m extremely new to RPGs in general but I really want to figure things out to play Mouse Guard- I’m looking forward to this box set. I got into the books recently and think MG is absolutely great. Basically anything with critters as the main characters is alright by me.

A friend from work and I plan to play but I have no idea if we’ll be able to snag more people easily… anyone here from MA? I wish I knew more people already interested! :’( I’d like to figure out who here lives in the area anyway, never hurts.

Nice to meet you,


Hi, Rainy.

I ran a Mouse Guard game at Time Machine Hobby in Manchester, CT last weekend for Free RPG Day. It was well attended, and I even (unfortunately) had to turn away a player because of running out of pre-gens (we had a 5-mouse patrol, kind of unwieldy). I’m not sure how much you and your friend are willing to drive, but TMH is a pretty slick store with a large gaming room, if you’re interested in maybe getting together for an occasional gaming session on weekends.

Feel free to PM me.

Whereabouts in MA are you? I know a number of people around Boston. And at least a few of them are gamers of some flavor, mostly D&D, I think. But I’d be willing to see if any of them are interested in at least trying out Mouse Guard, if not actually committing to a regular game.

How many traits/ rules do MG and BW share? If i knew both systems and wanted to beef up MG for example on fights or some such:confused:

pseudoidiot- near Worcester. I’m wondering if I could get some people together at That’s Entertainment. I know they play Magic and such things there.

slashdevnull- Fun! :slight_smile: That’s too bad you had to turn someone away but awesome to have a turnout. My boss is from the Manchester area, I think I’m a little over an hour away. I’m prooobably not going to be up for traveling too much to play, just since my schedule is already kind of heinous and I share a car, but you never know.

Would love to play this game. I live in Boston and I prolly know more people who might want to play. I’d even be willing to host at my crib so that we woulnt have to play at someplace like Pandemonium. Let me know if anyone here is interested.

I’m getting the boxed set this weekend. I will be moving to Boston at the start of October, and would love to find a group to play the game with. I should be available on most weekends for play, and perhaps on weekday evenings, depending on the day. If anyone in Boston is still looking for a player, let me know how to get in touch?