Mouse Cruncher - a digital version of the Recruitment quiz

To make it easier for me to encourage new players, or simply make NPCs and Pregens - I made a web-page version of the Recruitment quiz starting on p299 of Mouse Guard 2nd Edition.

It’s very basic - all it does is compute all of your stats, abilities, skills and wises and lists them below the quiz and you progress through it. The names, colors, belief and instinct are left to the player to fill in. This is just a tool for use at the game table (it should be usable on a phone) when filling out character sheets. It should help with only having one book at the table.

If you download the page and it’s supporting files, it will work offline as well.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, or if you find this tool litigious.


You can also add appcache support and folks will be able to use it offline on mobile devices:

Really nice! Tried it with my android mobile and it worked just fine. When choosing traits or wises there should be option to make up your own alternatives.

I dont have the rulebook with me but do you really get traits when calculating your nature? I remember that those choices just narrows your pool of available traits.

The wording on p305 on selecting Nature is ambiguous but the example red text is not. The player Chris takes the Generous trait. Later Chris takes the Compassionate trait. It also actually says to take one of the brave traits if you don’t fear wolves, etc.

I left out doing text input, I might give it a go depending on how much Mouse Guard I end up playing.

You can also add appcache support

Did not know this. I should be able to copy a solution in soon

Mouse Cruncher has been updated with the following changes:

[li]randomly generated mouse option (patrol ranks are weighted)
[/li][li]added towns from New Rules New Missions
[/li][li]added Elmoss (whoops - forgot about that town)
[/li][li]implemented appcache - if your browser supports it then the page will still load with the internet disconnected
[/li][li]added page numbers so you can look up all the descriptions I left out
[/li][li]laid out stats data so you can copy straight to a character sheet quicker
[/li][li]added print option that will hide the questionnaire and print out the remaining page
[/li][li] - just fixed this for mobile, Safari required a little hack - also should display an error on browsers that don’t support print (iOS Chrome).

Adding input boxes would help for NPC building, but this is primarily for building a character quickly at the table.

I might revisit this with a beast or NPC builder - but really, Denizens of the Territories p189 covers that issue adequately.

Okay sorted out GitHub. If you’d like to fiddle with the source code for this, the repository is here:

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