Mouse Dice!

Well … they’ve been around, but I’ve never really found a compelling reason to use them (aside from threatening my players with 100 dice fireballs).

Now … I just have to find some mousie miniatures to go along with them. I hear David Petersen makes sculpts of his characters as part of his art. I may have to make my own … hmmmm … I wonder if I can make mouse-shaped dice cups … good thing these dice will fit.

Seems like they’re on sale right now too …

You want a dice cup shaped like a snake’s mouth. Oh nos! It swallows the mouses!


Dro’s got to have soem mice dice. Unless THE ORCA! ate them all.

The PVC mouseguard figures made by diamond select have been pretty good for my group. They are easily repaintable to make them representative of your PCs however I’m not entirely sure how to change the weapons without some serious toycrafting ability. For enemies I just go out and buy toy animals and those cheap rubber snakes have turned out to be quite useful.

After some more searching, I finally ran into Dice Towers.

Don’t ask me why … but I have never seen these apparatus before. Now I’m determined to design one using these mini (minnie mouse) dice…

Hmmm … has anyone ever used those spinning hamster wheels to randomize dice before?

Link to some Dice Towers, 'cos I’d never heard of them before either.

Made my own … well … “mini dice slide”

(the image may be too large, so I’m attaching it instead of using the img tag)

(edit): I made it out of clay … Had to bake it once to get a basic structure stiffened up. Then I added the steeper slide walls. I was using a chopstick to keep it upright … and now the stick is stuck … ah well, armature.

The dice are about 4mm … came from the semi-old WizKids game called Rocketmen (other similar games like Pirates of the Spanish Main).

Update … got it painted!

The pictures in order:

  1. angle for visible top.
  2. top-view
  3. on-the-ground view
  4. another angle

I actually tried rolling a normal d6. It works, but the width of the ramp is just barely wide enough to accomodate the die. But for the purpose that I made this slide for – 4 to 5 mm dice, it works just fine.