Mouse Guard 1-on-1 Advice

I have the opportunity to run Mouse Guard for the first time later today. I’m excited!

I’m looking for helpful hints for a first-timer whose only other experience is Lady Blackbird, tips on how to run the game 1-on-1, and anything you wish you’d been told before you first played.

I figure making the rest of the patrol and giving helping dice will be key, but that’s all I’ve figured out.

Thanks, Burning Forum!

Lady Blackbird is like Mouse Guard basic, so it’s a natural transition.

Have him/her make a patrol guard or patrol leader and send him/her on a dangerous solo mission to help another guard, like Sadie and Konrad!

Would one of the pre-written adventures be too hard for a single mouse?

I was thinking of just running the Grain Peddler as a solo adventure, since neither the player nor I have Mouse Guard experience. I would rather not she end up in the belly of a snake the first time out, though!

Hm. Maybe Grasslake, then. Since she can feasibly enlist help. Or Mission of Mercy for something bleak and dangerous.

I ended up going with the Grain Peddler anyway, because I liked the story more. How the session went is here.