Mouse Guard 2nd Ed. Listed at

Tempted to lock in a preorder, but I’d rather buy from BWHQ.

That seems premature. There’s almost no information given about release dates, prices, etc.

Hold off. I’m hoping to do a signed preorder or something.

Will we see a re-issue of the Mouse Guard dice? I’d like to pick up a couple more sets.


That’s very exciting. I will have to get a set for my wife.

my money awaits, crane.

Mine, too.

Will the 2nd ed book/set come with a pdf version?

Any more news? I keep looking on Amazon and I don’t see it listed for pre-order. I really have no desire to pre-order from Paizo.

Not a peep.

I can’t wait to hear more about the 2nd edition. Is there a PDF to come along with a special order? Thanks for your patience with us Luke. I am def. excited.

Just ordered from piazo. pretty disappointed at the options available. $11 shipping to SC, $80 all said and done. I guess that’s the added value with these box sets. still not thrilled about the whole situation. A pdf upon pre-order is a Cubicle 7 standard. I know we can’t all be begger’s and choosers but that is a significant trend that is a win win for everyone.

Paizo does not have the PDF. I doubt they’ve even put in an actual order themselves.

Hi Conan,
As Anthony noted, Paizo doesn’t have the PDF. Paizo is not the publisher. I’m not the publisher either. Archaia is.
We haven’t offered a preorder because the game is in limbo. I’m not going to ask you order something when I can’t even tell you an approximate delivery date.

I do appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. I hope that enthusiasm translates into you ordering our games directly from us in the future.



Maybe i am simple but am i missing something? Will the box set be available directly from you on the other side of “Limbo” whenever that shall be? Or did I do the right thing and purchase the game however it is available? I would like to purchase from you directly I have done it before (BWG) and I backed TB. I purchased the original box set from Archaia directly but their support page for MG isn’t up anymore. I don’t think I quite understand the business behind retialers and publishers. Please let me know, I understand there might be some red tape in your answer but maybe you can clarify your previous statement a little. I wouldn’t mind a pm too if it is complicated.

Also thank you for getting back to me on this.

As luke mentioned, Archaia is the publisher. Despite announcing (last year) that MG RPG, 2nd ed would beout in early 2015, Archaia has not actually published anything. So Paizo - a retailer - doesn’t actually have anything to sell you. The listing was premature.

Archaia will offer the game ontheir site when it is available. Luke mentioned BW will as well, including a limited edition of signed copies. It has also been mentioned that BW will be a member of the Bits and Mortar program, so that, should you buy from your FLGS and there is a pdf available, you can get the pdf online.

Hope that clarifies this for you. If not, here are the highlights:
There is nothing available to buy yet and you gave your money to paizo for no reason. So push for a refund, put the money inthe bank and buy directly from BW when the game is available. And hope BW can get the publishing rights away from archaia!

AFAIK, Archaia is not a member of that program.

The game has not been completely manufactured, which also means the game hasn’t shipped. Shipping will take 45 days.

Meanwhile, Archaia has done a thing called “soliciting.” Sometime last year they told distributors “the game will be here in three months!” So the distros sent that info out to retailers, like Paizo, some of whom decided to offer preorders for the game, despite not having the game or knowing when it would be delivered.

So there you go. There’s no actual date for the game, but folks are offering preorders.

Honestly, Paizo will get the game long before I do. Archaia will ship it to the distributors before they’ll even let me see a copy. That’s just how they operate.
But that doesn’t mean that Paizo is special or knows anything. They’re just using the distro system and ordering blind.