Mouse Guard 2nd Edition Character Sheets

I’ve preordered the box set, I’ve also bought the pdf. I’d like to be able to print some character sheets somehow so I can run a game of this for beginners. It looks like the 1st edition character sheet but with this extra wises stuff.

I saw a fatuous comment on this forum suggesting one write out a character sheet by hand. This really isn’t going to get my players excited to play the game. I’m frankly not looking forward to playing after reading that myself, what a pompous attitude. Has anyone made progress on a homemade printable character sheet? Is a 2nd edition character sheet forthcoming?

Thanks for your time.

One available link:

leads to a .pdf format which provides a good choice if you don’t have a box set pad of character sheets. I see you’ve pre-ordered, so when that arrives, you will see the included pad of character sheets is honestly one of the best provided sheets imaginable.


Fantastic! Thanks very much.

(I just typed out a reply, but it vanished - apologies if I double post.)

Boxed set comes with a pad of character sheets!

A potential player is leaving before it arrives. I have UK delivery men to contend with as well.

I’m aiming to get a one shot in before the goodies arrive. I have dice enough to contend with this exploding 6s lunacy (in a parallel universe out there, a bunch of people playing Mouse Guard have given up on the game and are now arguing over whether the dice are loaded). Looking forward to the setting and story fights.

Finally got my font problem sorted out.

2E CS PDF is posted here!