Mouse Guard Animation

Hey guys! First-timer here, but I’m a long-time DM of Mouse Guard games (never actually played, such is the way with systems you love. xD ), and fan of the comics. Some friends and I are doing an short animation project based on Mouse Guard for our Major project this year (with permission); it’s 3D, but we’re going for a pretty 2D style.

Production blog is here, thought a few people might be interested. It’d be great to hear some feedback. <3 It’ll be done in about May next year.

That’s pretty cool. I love the shot of the downed owl.

That’s amazing; you guys are very talented. Keep up the good work! :3

…And we appear to have the finished product available:

Very nice…

I was scared by the owls death screech. Hehe.

Nice animation.

Fantastic short. I liked some of the natural behavior of the mouse, reminding me of one of the players in my group who will throw in details about his character getting down on all fours, sniffing around, etc. And I liked the moments of the mouse playing dead, and that last moment when a decision is clearly made to stand and fight.

Awesome work. Want to see more… much more!