Mouse Guard+Burning Empires - Scene Economy

I always wanted to play/run a Mouse Guard game that is about forming a new settlement but I could never quite get it to click in my head.

I think it is because of the turn structure.
So let’s say we want a game about mice from the Mouse Guard world forming a new settlement. Maybe there is someone from the guard with them but not all characters must be guardmice.
What this would need, I think, is a Burning Empires like scene structure.
You get a building, a roleplaying and a conflict scene for your mouse and that is it. You can earn extra checks during these 3 scenes to get extra scenes in the second part of the session as per the Player Turn rules.
Maybe the GM gets scenes between the mice for all 4 kinds of problems (Mice, Animals, Nature, Weather) to push the mice into trouble during the sessions.

Not sure if it needs an overarching Invasion type mechanics for checking the progress of the settlement.

What do you people think?

I don’t have a lot of time to reply, but I like this idea enough that I wanted to leave a comment. What about extending the basic A/D/M/F Mouse Guard conflict system over a few to several sessions to reflect this? The PC side and the GM side both have disposition scores, and each side gets to script one action per session, however each side has to set up its action for the session through some kind of scene economy/build toward the roll.

The issue I see is the dev-valuation of the Checks economy; BW/BE drive disads with Artha, MG with checks. Without the GM-Turn/Player-Turn, checks loose meaning.
Using a meta disposition in a manner like infection does work well enough; advancing the agenda for the meta level is an excellent use of checks…