Mouse Guard/Burning Wheel Hack

So, I’ve been posting this on the MG Google + Community but I thought I’d share it here as well.

I’m currently working on a hack that will basically combine Burning Wheel character creation with the Mouse Guard game mechanic. What I want is the kind of characters that Burning Wheel creates but with the ease of play of the MG system.

So far I have basically decided that Character Creation is not really changing at all with one small exception regarding traits, which I’ll get to.

One big thing is that, due to the setting and style of play I will be completely removing the Nature stat. I am, however, adding in all of the BW stats.

Skills will not be changing at all, I will simply be modifying the Conflict tables to reflect the different skills used in the two games.

Traits, as said earlier, will be changed a little. Basically all the BW traits will remain but they will be in name only. All BW trait effects(C,C-O, DT) will be removed and the MG trait mechanic will be used. The thing here, and this is one area I really want some ideas, is that in BW the trait cost at character creation is based on the power of the trait, so, in converting to MG I have basically removed that. So I need an alternative point cost for traits. 2 pts per trait? 3? Any ideas are welcome.

So I am open to ideas, criticisms, etc.

here are the modified Character sheet and the new conflict tables for you to look at and see the changes I’ve made so far.

The only thing you need to accoplish the merger is just use the MG conflict system in place of DOW, Fight!, and R&C. Done. Apply wounds as compromises or goals. Light would be minor, Midi would be a moderate compromise, Severe or Traumatic for a major. If only one takes the whole hit, upgrade the damage a step or two.

Well, there’s more than that really, I’m also using the MG skill advancement system, traits, etc. The Point is not to port over just the Conflict Mechanic to BW, it’s to port the BW Lifepath-based Characters into Mouse Guard. The Lifepaths are really the only thing I want from Burning Wheel, and thus I have to get the skills and traits to work in MG.

I’m actually completely removing the Physical Tolerance Wheel in favor of the MG Conditions