Mouse Guard character sculpts.

Well I had posted these images over on the Mouse Guard forums but it looks as though they have been hacked so I figured I would repost them here. For a quick backstory:

I had been running a MG rpg using the cinematic unisystem before the official MG RPG was being put together and when the opportunity to playtest the game came along I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. At anyrate I had sculpted the PC’s MG character’s and put together a set up for my game sessions during the playtest to help a couple new players to Mouse Guard become more familiar with it and to submerge my players in the ambience of the world. So here are some of the pics from the session(s).

We have since taken a break as we wait to get our hands on the finalize product but we are looking to pick up from where we left off and the hiatus has given be a bit of time to sculpt a few new NPC’s and other nasties the players will meet up with when the time comes. Hope folks enjoy.

Has always been jealous of it all… so awesome.

Looks sweet. I especially like that Max Headroom is in the background of the first pick :slight_smile:

These are so awesome I was inspired to make my own. Only got Sadie down and I hope to make one for each of my players if they get in to the game! Fingerprints in the ears really annoy me!

Fingerprints in the ears really annoy me!
Maybe you could try wearing latex gloves for the final touches/smoothing? I’m not sculptor, but it seems an easy way to solve your annoyance.

That sculpt looks amazing! Great job on that and look forward to more! Sometimes the fingerprints can actually add to a sculpt as well.

Both of you folks work is amazing.

Beautiful work in both cases. :slight_smile:



Holy cow! Sadie looks amazing. Nice touch with the shell.


Did you sculpt the mice playing pieces? Those coins are really cool. Did you make those too?

Did you cut up some comics for the maps?

To answer your question(s). Yes I sculpted the playing pieces as well as the coins. And no I would never EVER cut up a Mouse Guard comic to get the map. I actually printed that off from an image on the MG website. Just scaled it a bit bigger and printed it out on two pieces of card stock and then used double sided tape. I also sculpted the dice. I really wanted it to create a ambiance to help folks really visualize the game.

Wow. Really nice work. I am truly humbled and inspired at the same time.

Wow, amazing work!