Mouse Guard chargen rules available anywhere?

Hello folks, picked up Mouse Guard after reading a few threads about it on Got to say it looks like a spiffing game :slight_smile:

I am planning on starting a play-by-post game in the new year. A couple of potential players, although familiar with the comics, do not have the rules.

I was wondering if the chargen rules were available somewhere online so I can put them up in a thread.

I understand the game designer is on the forum, and I’m not sure if posting the chargen would be some sort of copyright no-no, so if this is the case: excuse me, I’ll get my coat :slight_smile:

Also, since I haven’t read the comics myself, could anyone point me in the direction of some good background reading online?

Cheers, Vinny

The PDF of the game is available for purchase through drivethrurpg.

You could try doing the chargen by post as well, since it is questionnaire driven.

I think I will go the questionnaire route, I’m sure I will be back with some rules questions later. Cheers folks!

Vinny, you can see some of the pages from Mouse Guard Series 1 (Fall 1152), issues 1 and 2 here -

There is also a series 2 (Winter 1152) issue one preview there.

The Official MG website also has background material -

Thanks Tim