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Recently David Peterson has mentioned several upcoming Mouse Guard series.

  1. Black Axe (MG Volume 3)
  2. The Weasel War (MG Volume 4)
  3. Series following on from 1152 Winter - so would that be 1153 Spring? (MG Volume 5)

Of the Black Axe, David says -

"The basics of the new series are: It’s a prequel, It will have 2 familiar mice from the Fall/Winter stories as younger mice, They travel off the map, and the series will start early next year.


The two familiar mice will be Conrad and of course, Celanawe. See the San Diego Comic Con quote below for more on those two.

A teaser poster for “Mouse Guard: The Black Axe” can be found here.

More (from San Diego Comic Con) …

Details of the next series in the “Mouse Guard” saga (tentatively planned for an early 2010 release) leaked during the panel, with Petersen explaining. “The next series is going to be called ‘The Black Ax.’ It’s a prequel, and it’s going to take place long before the ‘Fall’ book. It is about Celanawe,” the artist said, unveiling the first piece of promotional art from the book. "Because this is a prequel, Conrad lives! And he’s got two feet! And by the end of the series, he should have one. Not only with every arc of ‘Mouse Guard’ but with every issue, I think, ‘How am I deepening the world? How am I deepening the characters? How am I tying up loose ends and opening up new story possibilities?’ And so ‘The Black Ax’ is totally written in response to the end of ‘Winter’ – specifically what happens in the very end of ‘Winter’ and in the epilogue of the hardcover. And we’re finding out about some characters people told me they really liked, like Conrad who was only in [the series] for one issue, and then he bit it.

“They’re going off the map. So that map that you see on the end papers of the hardcover? We’re going to need a new map because they’re going off it. And you’ll see another city of Mouse Guard. With each city I’ve tried to use a new design aesthetic and help inform you about the type of society these mice have. So when they get across the sea and encounter whatever they encounter, I’m going with a new design aesthetic. I said, ‘I’m not going to be doing British, Irish and East Coast American design and names. I’m going with Danish.’ I’m of Danish decent, and I thought that would be really fun. I’m using some of their history, some of their words and some of their iconography to help the culture across the sea.”

When a fan asked after developing relationships between the mice in the time frame of 1152, Petersen said, “The one after [The Black Ax] is going to be the Weasel War, and yes, I’m scared to death of drawing a war because that’s daunting. In the fifth book, we’re coming back to this time-line post-winter.”


And just the other day, on the Mouse Guard … tweet, David has mentioned something -

“Plans on typing up an official ‘pitch’/introduction letter for a new Mouse Guard project (and I’m not talking about The Black Axe)”

Not sure if this is the Weasel War (volume 4), post-Winter 1152 (volume 5) or something new altogether.

No matter, the future is looking very bright for Mouse Guard!

I’m sure Luke is hard at work on the “Danish Mice over the Sea” splatbook for Mouse Guard. I hear it’ll include new rules for critical hits and dismemberment!

Don’t forget the talking ducks.

Or Great Mousethulhu!



That’s one kwl poster (the War’s)!


Thank you so much for the information guys. I’ve heard some of it, but there was a lot that was new to me. I thought Luke writing an add on book was only a rumor. You guys added a little anticipation to my day.

This is ALL good news! Cannot wait to get my hands on those stories!

The “Danish Mice” thing was a joke.

Oh, that makes me feel dumb. So is there any chance at all that they’ll come out with anything more for the Mouse guard RPG?

Don’t worry about it. Subtlety on the internet can be impossible to pick up on.

As for more MG stuff: I highly doubt it. BE got the Bloodstained Stars thing (which, I believe, isn’t really a game book), but then Luke is a huge Iron Empires fan. As I understand it, he doesn’t get all fanboy over MG.

Anyway, what more do you need? It’s all there in the book!

Luke isn’t the publisher of the MGRPG, so he doesn’t really have much say in what supplements may be made for it.

More comics are coming for Mouse Guard aside the ones mentioned above.

Next year we will (hopefully) now see new three different series/shorts - The Black Axe, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Mouse Guard and also a single comic released for Free Comic Book Day.

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Mouse Guard

“Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard” is a four-issue anthology mini-series coming from Archaia in which creators handpicked by Petersen are given a chance to explore the world of “Mouse Guard.”

For more info, see here and here.

Free Comic Book Day Mouse Guard

FCBD is held each year, in 2010 it will be on Saturday May 1st 2010. The Archaia FCBD issue will be a flipbook with a Mouse Guard story on one side, Fraggle Rock on the other. The MG story will be set in Spring 1153. For more information, look here.

The official website for Free Comic Book Day is here.

Looks like the Legends is the project David mentioned in my first post. And that FCBD cover is great - a snapping turtle surprise! :smiley:

Riding Ducks bitches! Also, nice to see some Mouse Guard love for Free Comics Day.

Keep in mind that not all comic store get all the different comics for FCBD and for the stores, the book are not free, they get charged for them. If you have a local comic shop, go in early next month and see if you can reserve/order a copy of Mouse Guard. The item number is



Waves Hello all, first post here =)
Found MG by complete accident and both the Fiance and I fell in love. Celenawe is my Hero, so I’m relieved to see him in more of the series. Conrad also seemed pretty impressive, so I was also happy to see he was going to be in a following issue! Thank you very much for posting this info, rather made our night =P
Be well, take care and Hope to hear more about these upcoming books!

No problem at all, and welcome! :slight_smile:


Written and art by Jeremy Bastian, Alex Sheikman, Ted Naifeh and David Petersen.

Inside the June Alley Inn, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, mice gather to tell tales, each trying to outdo the other. A competition, of sorts, begins. The rules: Every story must contain one truth, one lie, and have never been told in that tavern before. Legends of the Guard is a new Mouse Guard anthology series with artists and storytellers handpicked by creator David Petersen.

24 pages, $3.50.


• On Free Comic Book Day on May 1st, Archaia will release the Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock flip book, which will feature a new, original 11-page story by Petersen. The issue will be distributed for free at comic book shops across the country. (Visit for more information.)

• Also in May, Archaia will launch the Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard anthology. The four-issue limited series revolves around several Mouse Guard members in a tavern, each telling a tall tale. The covers and chapter breaks will be written and drawn by Petersen, while the tall tales will be contributed by some of the most popular creators in comics, including Gene Ha, Guy Davis and Ted Naifeh.


David also talks about the rpg and Luke in the above link.

So far for this year-

1 May - FCBD Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock
May - Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #1 (of 4)
September - Mouse Guard Vol. 3 (1115): The Black Axe #1 (of 6)

Sources - Archaia and Flames Rising

Can’t wait!

Just found some extra info for Mouse Guard: Legend of the Guard -

Jeremy Bastian’s story is “The Battle of the Hawk’s Mouse and the Fox’s Mouse” and the two mice are named Faulknir and Silfano.