Mouse Guard - Google Wave

Hey all, got Google wave up and running and interested in using it for Mouse Guard. I’ve never had the chance to play the game, but I picked up a book a while back. Looking to start a game with someone else as the GM (preferably someone with more experience or imagination in running the game).

A couple of other guys here and myself will be playing MG online, though probably not via G-Wave. If you’re interested, let me point you here.

I’m also interested in playing on Wave, and also as a PC… I saw that a member named Scarecrow was interested as well - we may be able to get a game together, assuming we can find a gm.

Hmmm… I’ve now used Google Wave quite a bit and I really don’t like it. It certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for running an online game.

Slip, let me know if you still want a GWave invite though.


Robot, Slip, I’ve PM’ed you both. Please reply ASAP.



Cool. Still interested, sent reply.