Mouse Guard Like miniatures game

Hi Mice :wink:

I’m french and discover Mouse Guard comics few month ago. I’ve read all and I try to found the MG RPG.

So, I’ve bought some minis for Reaper Miniatures (the Mouslings ones), and I’m creating a wargame with mice.

I would know if someone could be interrested by this games, before traducing it in english :wink: (It’sactually in french)

I have been wanting to make a miniatures games aslo. I would be very interested in reading your rules.

I’ve contacted David Petersen last week. I can’t use MG in my game.

But I’ve change the background for my own and I’ve modify some things that could attemp ti intellectual property.
Now my game is in beta test in my game club. When the tests are done, I want to commercialise it in french, but I think adding a English version of the rules inside.

Actually, there is no MG on, just mice with med-fan style. But I think some player could play in MG world if they want with few change.