Mouse Guard - Limited Translation Permission


Like I was said, I´m from Brazil and after reading the rpg book, I ask a small request to the authors… Can I translate the Recruitment chapter and the character sheet to portuguese to post with my review of the book and stimulate others to buy this game AND open the eyes from some Brasilian publishers back here to be bold enough to bring this awesome game to the brazilian market?

Here, the Devir and Jambô are the two most strong companies in the RPG Business. The products that are sold in my country (translated to portuguese) are D&D 4E, D&D 3.5, Vampire, Werewolf, World of Darkness and Mutants & masterminds… The young brazilian gamers don´t have a high level of english and they prefer going after the translated version of any RPG. Many still thinks there is no other RPG than D&D and Whitewolf products in the international market. A Sad vision, I know…

Oh yeah, the Fall 1152 comics was published in Brazil by Conrad Editora under the title “Pequenos Guardiões” (that means little guardians in our languange) and many comic fans are eager to see Winter 1152.

By the Way, congratulation to Luke and David for the awards given to MG! Mice with swords rulez!

All my best regards,

Alessandro Franzen