[Mouse Guard] Looking for PDF of the square Box Set Character Sheets

Have these been made available? All I can seem to find is the old versions.

I’m not making them available officially because they 1) require the boxed set to be useful 2) contain no new information and 3) are square so they don’t print properly on regular paper.

They’ll print just fine 2-up on legal.

I know I’m a bit late to the game on this, but I just picked up the boxset, and the little mouse sketch to customize and add equipment to is missing from the downloadable sheets. That would be sorely missed. I guess I’ll have to scan it in for a backup copy.

1 and 2 can’t be true at the same time.
I don’t own the boxed set, but the “New Rules/New Missions” expansion pdf. I would like to have the square sheet.

I think it’s that there is info on the regular-sized sheets (probably conflict rules) that is not on the square ones, but I don’t have them at hand to compare.

The only difference I saw between the downloadable sheets and the box set sheets was a rough sketch of a mouse, which you could draw equipment on. Otherwise they seemed to contain the same information. I think what he means is that any additional information on the box set sheet is only relevant to the things added in the box set. If you dont have the box set, they wont be any more useful to you. I’m still reading through the rulebook, so I havent got to the box set additions yet. I might compare them closer later and see if I overlooked anything else.

The old sheet contains information about conflicts that is now shown in the cards included in the boxed set.
While I really enjoy using the conflict cards, I still need to have an old character sheet around just to check information during the game. My players seems to think that way too, some of them are considering moving back to the old sheet layout.
The new sheet contains less information than the old, so there’s no point in using them without the boxed set.

I personally would like the characters in PDF form (I HAVE the missions in the book) just so I can print them before running an intro adventure at a game store (like I am about to in 1 hour…argh). It’s purely motivated by laziness (I don’t feel like transcribing them to a character sheet). But i’ll make do.

Make the PLAYERS transcribe them. It helps them learn the system faster.

Yeah, and what about those of us that purchased the expanded material digitally?