Mouse Guard PBP or PBEM

So I am definitely new to MGRPG, I only got the book a couple of weeks ago! But I am super-excited to participate in a game.

I’ve heard of these great phenomenons called Play-by-Post (PBP) and Play-by-Email (PBEM) and I wanted to know if anyone has a game already going, or wants to start one soon.

I’m definitely not up to snuff to GM, but would really like to join as a PC.

Hope there is some interest!

P.S. I only posted the definitions for PBP and PBEM to lessen the load for new people to the RPG world. And because it took my some time to figure out the acronyms myself.

I could probably be easily persuaded to run something short/basic via PBEM. I’ll send you a PM with my email address.

Any other potential players? Let’s get this patrol formed up!

PBEM would be great!

Probably be easier too. Being a full time college student and all.

Thanks slashdevnull!

I may be interested in joining. I’ve PM’d Slashdevnull some questions.

Awesome, would be glad to have you. Crookedleg, and have no fear, my guardmouse won’t be using a javelin. Haha!

We have one other player signed up for this game in addition to Crookedleg and Skydut. If my limited math skills serve me, this is three mice – probably a suitable number for a pbp game.

I’m going to hold off on further recruitment for the time being, but depending on how the game goes with pacing, etc., we may take on another player.