Mouse guard pbp?

I’m looking to get a little experience with the game before I run it for my group is anyone running a game I could or wants to start one?

I have a Play-by Shared-Doc game in Spring session nearly concluded. I would consider adding you to our Summer session coming up soon. Two other players have been unresponsive during the Spring and I will not be carrying over those mouse characters into the Summer session.

If you are interested, shoot me a PM and we can get something worked out. You would be bringing a Guardmouse ranked character into play; we are set in the second decade of 1100. This is before the events of the comics by about 40 years. You may find more info in my posts from the following thread: Link.

You should be aware that my pet peeve for these games in involvement. The players should expect to be involved by writing at least twice each week in the course of an ongoing game session.

Pm sent thanks!

kendesign, I just sent you a pm… At least I think I did. Let me know if you got it!

i did get the PM.