Mouse Guard Portraits

Hey All!

First time poster! I’m just now reading through the Mouse Guard Rulebook. I’ve been a fan of the comics and now I’m really itching to play the game!

In hopes of playing in a couple of weeks – I put together this set of portraits to get the GM excited (he’s torn between Mouse Guard and Monsters and Other Childish Things).

So I thought I’d go to the central source of the Mouse Guard community and offer them to the group!


P.S. Congrats to Mouse Guard for wining Best RPG at Origins!!!

(click the image for more mices!)

Welcome, dhorstman!

Very nicely done! My fav is the mouse with the spear. I hope you get a chance to play!


You got me! Great pics. Wish I even had a GM to throw these at as insentive. One word though…


The Bane

I just drew my mouse a day or two ago =)

I finally decided I liked the one with black lines more >.>

I like your mice as well ^-^