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Nice review of Mouse Guard over at Not sure I agree with their concerns regarding the dice mechanics, but they played the game and had a great time.


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Argh. Sorry. Anyways, I love Tor. I’m glad they wrote something on Mouse Guard. I work for them sometimes, and really love what they do, they have a lot of respect for creators. I give them credit for actually playing the game, although I can’t help but feel that their criticism is unfounded.

It’s a very nice review.
The conflict system (and its benefits) are non-obvious. The first time you play, it’s puzzling. So his initial thoughts on the matter are unsurprising.

Hopefully he’ll pick up on the teamwork and roleplay aspects of the conflicts and become more comfortable in his next game.

Good review, overall. I have to agree that I found conflict actions a bit confusing at first. Cards helped our group big time. In any case, all table-top RPGs have a learning curve. Folks should be glad that Mouse Guard really only has one part that has any curve at all! The rest just kinda fits, as he said in the review.

I’m waaaay too lazy to go read it myself, but – did the Tor reviewer mention that he had any experience playing other RPGs?

I’m always curious to hear about how non-RPers approach learning a game like Mouse Guard.