Mouse Guard with Google Wave

I haven’t got hold of an account myself yet and has wondered what to use it for and surely this must be it’s purpose :slight_smile:

On Ars! Sweet!

What’s this, an online game of MG? Can I join?
(The image is too tiny for me to make out what’s happening)

Cool! I snagged an account from a friend and I’ve been wanting to try some gaming with it. Still waiting on invites to hand out to my nerd friends.

Ice: Read the the article he linked to. It’s a Mouse Guard game being run over Google Wave.


This is cool. Can’t wait till it comes out for everyone. Very convenient.

If someone is on Wave and has invites to spare, I’d love one!

if anyone wants to add me salsatheone AT

I have one, send me a message with a gmail account and I’ll invite you, might take a few day’s.

Edit: I’m mputoris at Google Wave (M. Putoris is biology latin for ferret, illern is ferret in swedish).

If you’re running a Google Wave game, I’d like to play.

What’s the status of this?


PS - if anyone needs an invite, I still have all 8 - PM me.

PSPS - Arse! I just realised that this is not a recruiting thread, merely an article link. Oh well, the GW invites still stand.


Crow, I’m trying to get a game going, but it’s not on Google Wave. G-Wave still has issues with lag and such, so I’m opting for Skype instead. You interested in joining?

I’m a complete MG noob (just finished the comics and the rpg book), but I’d be very interested in a game of MG on wave as well. Anyone want to round up a small group?