Mouse vs. Mouse Fight conflict Confusion

If the player’s win a fight conflict to the death against other mice, but owe their enemies a medium compromise, do one of the enemies, as in one of the mice on the enemy’s team, die and the other enemies on that team are Angry and Tired? And the player’s are unaffected?

Because character and opponent are being used interchangeably on the page (p.131) I got confused.

Same situation as above, but a major compromise. Is it, all of the enemy mice survive but their conditions are all checked off? If so, what does this mean in the game? Do I have to keep track of their conditions, and make them come up later?

For the medium compromise, is one of the Guardmice dying and the rest of the team being angry/tired, but the entire enemy team being wiped out equivalent to player’s being unaffected and one enemy dying?

Is it pretty much it’s impossible for a guardmouse to die if that guardmouse’s team wins the conflict?