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Hi there, I’ve been playing MG for a while with a group of friends. I have recently purchased my own copy of the game and will be GMing games soon, I need a small amount of help with a test I’m planning though…
Without going too far into detail, I’m planning a part of a mission where they patrol has to climb partially up a tree to a hollowed out portion.

The part where I’m stuck is the test itself. What kind of test should I make it to be able to climb the tree? Also should I make everyone perform the same test?

Thanks in advance

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Mouse Nature (climbing) is the best choice for the test. I’d set something around Ob 3 if testing each member of the patrol individually, or Ob 4 if one member is leading the climb and testing once for everyone. I’d add +1 Ob if they are climbing something rotted and soft or rotted and wet; I’d offer +1 D for having and using a rope and grappling hook or iron spikes.

Success indicates they climb without incident. Coward dice could be anything, but I’d lean toward an exhausting climb with an injury in the case of one testing for all the patrol, or an exhausting climb for testing individually (and might consider an injury in addition in case the dice came up with zero successes). Of course, an interesting twist might be an animal encounter, like anything could be living an a hollowed tree trunk.

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The hollowed out portion is going to have an animal encounter, I really like the idea of the tired penalty for everyone though. Thanks a lot!

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