Movement, distance and time.

The map of the Territories is really cool, even cooler that there’s one on the inside of the dust jacket (my players loved passing it around).

The question is how big is it? And what is that in “mouse-walk hours”?

I.e. on average how long does it take a patrol to walk from one town to another assuming average-ideal conditions?

I know it’s not a hex map type situation or game for that matter. I’m just looking for a rough guide, hours? a day? a week? etc.

In other words when a player says:
“How long will it take us to get there?”

I can say something like:
“Oh, around x days” (If you make it past the snake, avoid the mudslide, the beating rain and the homicidal mouseiac bent on revenge).

1 day per inch in canon, but that’d be on a successful Pathfinder test.

Noncanon? Whatever the hell you want. It’s got no scale because scale’s not really important.

In other words, if it suits your game, mice can travel at the speed of plot. :wink:


Wish I could say that phrase is my own invention. It’s not. The guy from Babylon-5 said it when asked how fast one of the ships on the show is.

I notice shows do this with characters as well: people just show up in scenes when they should be still out finishing or doing something.

All I can figure is: write thought it’d be cool for them to show up.

“Some time later, you arrive at…”

I remember a huge argument on a Glorantha list years back about just this. One side was trying to pin down exact numbers on travel times based on historical sources and modern hikers. The other side said it didn’t matter. If the PCs have to get somewhere in time, roll the dice and see if they make it!

My point? I’m really glad that argument didn’t come up here. It was ugly then.