Mukkhadish Language?

I’m thinking about making a Mukkhadish character, (a Mukkhadish spy master if you can beleive it) and I was curious about how Mukkhadish communicate. Do they have a verbal language? Do they use sign language? Can they speak human languages? What are peoples thoughts on this.

In the comic, they speak a dialect of the human languages.

The only thing in canon is Faith Conquers, in which a troll speaks in very broken english.

My Muks always talk in a bad Jersey tough-guy accent.

Thanks a lot guys! Yet another reason why I need to try harder to get my hands on the comic books.

And they’re synthetic life forms, they had no independent existence before the Vaylen created them. There’s no reason for them to speak anything but what the Vaylen taught them.

What did the Vaylen teach them, you ask? Well, either whatever the Vaylen spoke before first contact with humanity, or else a human language. The latter is more likely than the former because I don’t think Makara communication methods are very efficient for non-aquatic non-jellyfish critters like humans and trolls. So it’s pretty likely that Vaylen in humanoid bodies (or Vaylen with larynges generally) speak some version or derivation of a human language.

But there are also “Wild Mukhadish” living on some planets. Is it possible they have created their own languages on these worlds or would the Mukhadish not bother with language, being that they are barely intelligent to begin with?

Sure, it’s possible. But those aren’t native mukhadish, they’re feral. They are descended from captive populations. So it’s likely that most of them learned human languages from their parents (though possibly incomprehensible trollish versions thereof). Some might easily speak something else though!

I guess to bring this back to the game, if you’re asking “We never talked about this in world burning, but now someone wants to talk to a Mukhadish, do we need to test Foreign Languages,” the answer is no, it’s totally plausible for almost any adult mukhadish to speak whatever the lingua franca on your world is. If you’re asking “we’re world-burning and we want the mukhadish to have their own language, does that contradict canon” the answer is, per Chris, no.