Multiple Actions Spread Apart

This is something that came up recently and I believe we’ve been playing this wrong for years now. If a player scripts a Great Strike, does his first and second actions have to be consecutive?

In one of our old campaigns a player used a polearm that was unwieldy. He would do some crazy clever scripting like:

V1 V2 V3
Avoid Set Gt. Strike Avoid
Set Gt. Strike

So you’re not supposed to be able to do that are you? It never crossed our minds that they had to be consecutive because it made sense that you could be ducking and weaving as you carried your weapon above your head poised to strike.

I hated scripting against that guy.

The script is a bit hard to read the way it’s formatted, but two sets -> Great Strike would simply give a bit more oomph to the Great Strike. Once you’ve released, you’ve released. If you want to Great Strike, you gotta wind up again. That said, if you scripted Set, then a few defensive actions between your Great Strike… I might allow it. It’d depend on the situation and the argument from the player. But I wouldn’t give it for free.

(Note - this is just one dude’s interpretation. Someone else may think differently.)

Edit: Here’s an alternate way to interpret the Set - something else - Great Strike: I would say that the player is at a disadvantage trying to hold their great strike preparation while performing other actions and would increase the obstacles, cumulatively (i.e. first it’s +1, then it’s +2…). First failed test means his preparation has been taken away, and his Great Strike is just a Strike. Narrate it the the opponent saw it coming or that he tripped or whatever.

Technically, you can split the G/S action across volleys or an exchange, but you can’t interject other actions between the set and the strike.

Great, that was my question. I assume the same for Unwieldy weapons (can’t recall if there are any in BWG).

Sorry for the poor formatting on the example in the OP, didn’t preview it before posting.

There are no Unwieldy weapons in BWG. They simply have a Weapon Speed of 1.

Unless your name is Mr. Cheaty McPolishperson, that is… :stuck_out_tongue: