Multiple PC Team vs. Multiple Opponents Conflict..

I finally understand how to play mutiple PC team vs Single Opponent Conflict , but still confusing with multiple PC team vs multiple Opponents.

For example :

PC’s strategy -
PC Team A : Attack
PC Team B : Defend

Opponents’ strategy -
Bandit Team C : Feint
Bandit Team D : Maneuver

As far as I understand, the conflict is played like this :

1. C reveal their plan (Feint)
2. A attack C with Ob0(C can’t feint), and C feint B with Ob0(B can’t defend)
3. D reveal their plan (Maneuver)
4. A vs D / B vs D are both versus roll, So A and B must choose their strategy between Attack+1D (A attack) and Defend+1D (B defend).

Did I get it right?

Seems right to me.