Multiple teams in conflict

I was just reading about Resolution again and had a question. It says when 2 teams are attacking the same thing and they both have to make a versus check that they must instead help each other. Is the number they add to the roll equal to 1 (for 1 team) or equal to the number of mice on the team?

In an example with 2 groups of 3 mice attacking a snake and they both roll a versus test would the group rolling the dice roll a skill+1 from the other team or a skill+3 for the other team with 3 mice on it?

Is this to cut down on die rolling or does it make 2 teams more deadly against who they are ganging up on?


It’s +1D for the helping team, no matter how many mice are on it.

Interesting. Doesn’t that a to penalize the two teams for working together?

Well, they’re working together regardless of whether they’re in the same kind of test. Plus, you can try not to have the same type of test come up, but depending on what the opposition chooses, you can’t always avoid it. But, yes, it favors mixing things up a bit, rather than both attacking or both maneuvering. That’s a good thing.

Got it. That makes sense to keep them from just repeating the attacks. Thanks!