Multiple Teams, Multiple Actions

OK, so I’m trying to wrap my head around the Mouse Guard-rules and is a little stuck when conflicts involve several team of mice and one team of animals (like in the sample mission - Deliver the Mail).

If the actions the two different teams of mice chooses is the same (independent or versus), one team helps the other by giving them a die. If they lose a versus conflict action by 2, is the loss of disposition divided by both teams? Or do both teams lose 2 in disposition?

You can only target one team at a time.

So if Team A helps Team B in a versus test (since both chose versus actions) and loses, team B loses disposition? This wasn’t very hard anyway…

So let’s say the raven chooses Maneuver, Team A chooses Feint and Team B chooses Maneuver (both independent actions). The player’s decide that Team A will help Team B. It’s Quentin’s action. Is this a correct number of dice for the maneuver?
Nature (6), help from team-mate (1), help from Team A (1), bow (2) = 10 ?

Ah, no - the team that loses disposition is based on which one of them was targetted by the enemy. If Team A and Team B are fighting a Raven, the Raven is the one deciding who is affected by its actions.

Oh… good question. Does the helping Team contribute only one die, or one die per helping member?

Teams add one die.

I’d go with Trellian’s interpretation and have the acting team affected. If the two teams were not helping, then the raven chooses his target.

And the dice total seems correct.