Multiple Units in FF Example?


Is there any examples of multiple units per side in a FF? If not and if it is not too much trouble could someone layout an example of mulitple units per side in a FF?


Terrence, I did a multi-unit FF in the arena ( We did one thing wrong, in that we had different numbers of units on each side (the Vaylen had one, the humans two). Make sure you keep the number of units the same, it becomes unbalanced otherwise.

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Chris, when you say numbers of units, do you mean the number of sides?

So in your game, 2 sides, human v. valyen…with the 2 human players breaking the human side down into 2 units?

There were two human units versus a single vaylen unit. This type of fight can be done in the mechanics, but Chris was a bit out-gunned and overwhelmed the first time out. I recommend keep the units per side even to start.


Wow, thanks for the quick responses. I had read that it was possible to run multi-unit FF so I wanted to see how it was actually done.

I guess it is better to run 1-to-1 unit FF for balance purposes.

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You can run them. Read Chris’ thread!

Yes, multiple unit fights are great fun. What I’m saying is, make sure the number of UNITS on each side are the same (GM has two units? players have two units.).

It works well, but it’s a good idea, as the brick suggests, to play a few one-on-ones first to get the hang of it.


Only if you want a fair fight. Firefights aren’t always fair or balanced though, even a 1-to-1 affair can be a massacre. Like in the last PbP Fires Over Omac I played, where the players razed the vaylen in a firefight, despite it being a 1-to-1 fight.

Generally speaking it’s much more fun and rewarding when both sides have a fighting chance. So keeping an equal number of units per side goes a long way to ensuring both sides have at least a chance at winning. However, don’t feel obligated to even out the sides. Just be aware that having more units on one side is a considerable advantage and that it increases bookkeeping.